Kinder Rooms

3 Year Old Kinder (Emu Explorers)


Our 3 year old kinder program is taught by a Qualified Kinder Teacher.  Our 3 Year old Kinder room is all about learning through play.  Kinder is a hands on, all questions asked, learning environment.  It is packed with hidden learning and often what you see, when you see a kinder activity is far greater than the basic skill you may see.


Our program is based on the five learning outcomes  of identity, community, wellbeing, learning and communication.  We endeavour to provide a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment, whereby each child is thought of as an individual to optimize their development.  We understand that a childs learning starts at birth and that their learning and development at each stage of their life forms a foundation for the next.


Educators Sarah, Beth, Kirsten & Ebony




4 Year Old Kinder (Kangaroo Kinders)

Our Kindergarten room offers a stimulating and engaging environment that caters for children ages 4 through to 6 years of age. Our program is designed to prepare children for school socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively.


We run an indoor outdoor program which provides ample time for the children to develop gross motor skills as well as having the choice about where they want to play.


With a focus on self-help skills we will help your child to develop the skills to become independent with their belongings, to dress themselves, personal hygiene and meal time etiquette.


Numeracy and literacy will also be a main focus with introductory writing skills, name recognition, letter & number recognition, basic mathematical language and problem solving skills.


Your child will have the opportunity to form great friendships and play together in group activities as well as have the opportunity for solo activities.

Our Kinder Program incorporates the Funded Kindergarten Program, we offer a play based curriculum where your child will learn through choice and experiences that are relevant and meaningful to them.


The curriculum content is based on the children strengths and interests. Through their discoveries children build the foundations for lifelong learning.


Educators Brooke C., Brooke H., Caitlin & Shakara