Toddlers (Koala Cove & Willow Way)

The Toddler and Junior Rooms

Toddler Rooms

Children in our toddler rooms are encouraged to learn self-help skills and to take care of their own belongings. Those involved with toilet training will be allowed the time and patience to achieve this very important life lesson. Singing, dancing, drawing and painting are all favorite activities of this age group and are a daily part of the toddler program.


In this room we delight in watching your children gain confidence in what they have learnt as babies and then expand on their skills and knowledge by introducing exciting new learning experiences.


Following routines is also an important focus for this age group.  We aim to accommodate individual routines so as to not disrupt the home routines for each child.


Educators (Koala Cove)  Courtney, Rachel, Melinda & Elisse

Educators (Willow Way) Mel, Amelia, Hayley, Jess & Susie