Daycare vs. Parental Care | What Builds Character and Personality?


A lot of parents may be struggling with whether to send their children to daycare centres or stay at home with them. There are benefits to both, and each method can have a huge impact on the personality of the child. Many families believe that their child will develop a well-rounded personality around peers and a teacher, while others feel that staying at home can result in proper nurturing.


As parents, we must understand the impact of both types of care in a better way so that we can nurture our children and help them grow into healthy, happy, and well-rounded individuals.


Impact of Daycare on Children

In 2016, around 1.24 million children from 843,000 families went to daycare in Australia. The country has 12,429 care and education services for children. This shows that daycare is an important part of many families’ lives.

Daycare centres can be a wonderful environment that can increase intellectual, cognitive, and social skills. It can enrich the child’s life with games, nature, and art. According to a study by Psych Central, children who go to a high-quality daycare centre are known to score higher on academic and cognitive measures.


However, there is an increased chance of catching illnesses from the daycare centre. Spending hours away from home can also be frustrating and tiring for the child. There may also be less bonding moments with the parents since they are separated for most of the day.


Impact of Parental Care on the Child

Stay-at-home parenting can also be quite beneficial for a child’s development. It can allow for a great child-parent bond, which can make the child more confident, happy, and secure. The one-on-one attention that the child will receive is a vital way to make the child feel well-loved and special.


However, such children may not be able to develop social skills with children of their age. In a world that is growing more and more isolated due to the advent of technology, this can have a huge impact on their personality. They may even go through separation anxiety when they have to start school. Due to the modern structure of society, it can be hard to stay at home with your children as well.


In Conclusion

Since there are advantages and disadvantages to both styles of care, you should consider the needs of your child and family.  A lot of parents are choosing daycare centres since they have to focus on their careers, too. There is nothing wrong with this as long as you remember that the child needs parental care as well. If you choose daycare centres, it is important to make time every single day and focus your undivided attention on your children.