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Mitchell street is now known as Orana Early Learning


The Nursery Room From 6 weeks

Within the Nursery room our children of the room have a large range of rich and meaningful play based experiences as well as a large variety of solitary based play activities. Daily, our room is connecting with mother nature by provoked nature based play experiences, these experiences include: Our Water Saving Program and Our Sustainable Gardening Experience. The Children enjoy being experimental within these natural experiences and it enables each child to feel a sense of inclusiveness during these times.

In the Nursery room we promote healthy eating habits by discussing healthy fruits and vegetables during our meal times, we also discuss the benefits of water intake with our children, from this our children take appropriate action to promote their own self independency skills to when communicating that they would like their water cups.

We enjoy coming together as a group to take part within Group times, this is a time where children and educators come together to sing, dance and read. This is beneficially great for turn taking, building on friendship groups and strong bonds between educators and the children of the Nursery room.