...a home away from home

Our Mission is to support, nurture and encourage children’s strengths through our play based environment, where children feel empowered to seek out their own learning.

Mitchell Street’s unique philosophy believes in the benefits of providing holistic approaches through learning experiences for all our children in a child safe, caring and nurturing environment. Mitchell Street’s values incorporate the need to honour the family, nurture our children and care for our environment through the use of sustainable practices. We encourage children and families to be active participants in our curriculum.

Mitchell Street ELC offers a nurturing environment providing high quality care and education within a natural setting. Children are encouraged to explore their environment, using their imagination, creativity and individuality. We believe that through developing a sense of belonging and providing opportunity for children to be children they will become confident learners.

Our Values and Aims in relation to children:

In relation to children:

  • We encourage a strong sense of identity
  • To be confident and involved learners
  • To feel and secure in their environment of children linguistically
  • To encourage children to experiment and explore
  • To respect and celebrate culture and promote the cultural diversity
  • To share and care for each other
  • To promote the cultural safety of aboriginal children
  • To promote the cultural safety of linguistically diverse backgrounds

Mitchell Street values each child as unique with an importance on learning through play and strongly values the human rights of the child.  

In relation to families:

  • We will treat and view families as valued partners, collaborators and positive advocates for their children
  • We support parent involvement in all aspects of our daily program
  • We work with families to assist them in their wishes and future aspirations for their child

Our open reception area allows families to speak with management in a friendly welcoming environment.

In relation to staff:

  • We appreciate and acknowledge our team as individuals and respect diverse personality traits, beliefs and cultural backgrounds.
  • We believe in networking with each other and with experts in our industry in relation to ongoing education for best practices for our children.
  • We are dedicated to keeping our team inspired.
  • Our easy going can do attitude is evident in our daily practices and interactions with each other.

In relation to our community:

  • Mitchell Street is building a strong relationship with Give Where You Live through both its team and business giving as well as in house fund raising events.
  • Throughout the Centre educators liaise closely with external health specialists, jointly working towards positive health outcomes for the children.
  • The centre supports a number of community services through donations.
  • Regular calendar events in the Centre help raise awareness within the Centre’s community for various local and national causes and assist in promoting the Centre’s commitment to its local community.

Mitchell Street believes it is important to educate our children using the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework, where play is our children’s work and their way of exploring the world around them. We encourage them to be curious and ask questions - why, how, where, when and what. The National Quality Standards and Laws and Regulations guide our practice. We are strong advocates for child Safe Standards and child protection.Our Centre is designed to feel familiar and home like for your children.