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Mitchell street is now known as Orana Early Learning

Meet our chef

"Eat for Energy" - Learn more about meals at our centre

On the menu at Mitchell Street Early Learning Centre are age-appropriate balanced meals that are as delicious as they are nutritional, incorporating a wide range of fruit and vegetables. At Mitchell Street meal-times are about more than just the food. They are an opportunity for the children to have social time and develop language, self-help and hygiene skills. It is also a time to try new things and experience new tastes and textures.


Our centre Chef is Emily she has a passion for nutrition an emphasis for flavor whilst providing healthy meals, he is a father of 2 children and enjoys spending his spare time with his children outdoors and also likes to purchase second hand items to up cycle them.


Emily enjoys providing fresh meals for the children trying a variety of new recipes to introduce new culinary experiences to them whilst providing the children a broad pallet of food.


We ensure that our kitchen is safe, hygienic and audited regularly ensuring that dietary requirements are met, including those for children with allergies, who are vegetarian or have other special requirements.


If you would like to see our menu it is displayed at the centre.