Some important skills your child will learn at daycare


Sending your child off to daycare can be a bit of a stressful time for parents. This is even more so the case if it's the first time you've been separated from them.


After enjoying so much time together and virtually being joined at the hip, this is where they'll make an entrance into a world outside of the one you’ve created together. While this may seem daunting to leave them with new people, it is an essential step in your child’s development – and it's a positive one, too. They will encounter new experiences, interact with new friends and learn some important skills which they will carry throughout the rest of their lives. Take a look below to find out just how beneficial taking part in childcare can be.


Social skills


At daycare, your child will learn to interact with a range of exciting, new faces and personalities. Often, this is the first opportunity our young ones have to develop relationships outside of their immediate family. Without you there to guide them through interactions, your child will learn how to play, share and learn with their peers, all on their own. By the time your child makes their way to a formal school setting, they'll already have the skills they will need to appropriately interact with those around them.




Although your little one may have met extended family and friends over the years, they may not have met a lot of children their age. The friends your child makes in these environments are typically nearby geographically, meaning they'll have plenty of accessible company around them. Often, their friends will also go onto attend the same schools, sports teams and various communities as well.   Imagine your child developing a new friendship on their first day at childcare. Now imagine that same friendship blossoming over the coming years into a lifelong connection. That's a big opportunity (not to mention a special one).




When your child is at home with you, you’re there to help and support them every step of the way. While daycare has teachers who keep a close eye on them too, they are given a chance to learn and solve problems in their own way. This may include your child asking a teacher or one of their peers for help, or learning to apply techniques to solve specific problems, without guidance. Giving your children more independence in a safe environment like this boosts their problem-solving skills, allowing them to establish confidence in their own abilities.


Preparation for future schooling


Enrolling a child in a facility like this means you're also preparing them for their schooling journey. Daycare centres aren’t babysitters; they’re an engaging, educational environment that gives children the tools they need to settle in at their new school. There's also plenty of options for individualised learning programs to suit your child’s needs, so you can rest assured that they're receiving the best possible opportunity to flourish.


Structure and fun


Establishing structure in a child’s life is vital to the healthy development of social skills, behaviour and learning. Teachers are patient, encouraging professionals who understand how to support the nurturing of children with all sorts of personalities. By providing a sense of structure from a young age, your little one can learn about organisation and schedules, promoting socialising, time management and future learning patterns.