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Daycare Belmont

Secure An Early Spot At Mitchell Street Early Learning Centre

If you’re looking for children’s daycare in Belmont, Mitchell Street Early Learning Centre is the perfect choice.  Our facility has been designed to feel familiar and homely for your children – making it a peaceful and fun environment to be in. We provide a safe and well-supervised environment where children can feel safe to explore their freedom, creativity and be themselves. Our centre is conveniently located in Mitchell Street Belmont, with ‘free parking’ for drop off and pick up times. You can feel confident that our early childhood learning centre is where your child can feel comfortable whist learning and growing.


If you’re expecting and keen on enrolling your baby early, we highly recommend that you join our waiting list. At different times of the year, our centre can become very busy and it’s advisable to discuss expected waiting times with our management team. There is no minimum number of days for enrolment, however we recommend enrolling for at least two days so your child can become familiar with the centre.  This also allows for your child to become comfortable with their time at the centre as part of their routine. For children in the School Readiness Program, it’s best to enrol for three consecutive days to help them prepare for the five-day week at school.


For more information regarding children’s daycare in Belmont, please feel free to contact Mitchell Street Early Learning Centre on (03) 5245-7670 or alternatively send an online enquiry to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.