Transitioning Your Child From Daycare to School


You already did your research, filled out the application, and secured a preschool slot for your child. But what's most critical is to prepare for the transition from daycare to school. Transitioning from daycare to school can be an exciting milestone, but it can be a smoother transition for you and your child when you prepare for it the right way.


Let's learn more about how you can help your child transition from daycare to school.


Set the Foundation

When you know it’s time for your time to transition from daycare to school, know that it's also the time for you to lay the foundation for your child. Talk to your child about what school is going to be like. You can read books about school or let older siblings join the conversations about how much fun it is to go to school, meet new people, make friends and help others. Depending on your child's age, you can always tweak the conversations and make them more relatable to your child.


Work on Your Child’s Skill-Set

As you work on transitioning your child from daycare to school, know that it's a milestone that often requires some pre-work. School is much more structured than daycare, so it is integral for your child to have a few skills. Basic life skills such as pulling up the pants or opening the lunch box are important for your child, so they may be more independent and confident when they go to school. And that’s what you need to work on as part of preparing your child for a smoother transition from daycare to school.


Complete Your Pre-Work

A critical aspect of transitioning from daycare to school is completing the pre-work. Make sure you visit the school and meet the teachers beforehand so you are aware of the surroundings your child will be going into. You can try taking a few pictures with the teacher and of the facility to familiarise your child with the upcoming adventure.


Practice the Big Day

Going to school is definitely a big day for you and your child, which can also be overwhelming. But not when you practice it a few times with your little one. You can set up the school-night routine and let your kid decide on their morning clothes and breakfast and lunch choices so your child can get used to what it feels like to go to school. 


With these tips for helping your child transition from daycare to school, we hope that the goodbyes are a little less overwhelming and you and your child experience a smoother transition from daycare to school.


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